Tame The Wandering Mind

Join the 30-day challenge to create a habit of meditation and tame your wandering mind. Learn to go deeper into your meditation so you can transform your old habitual patterns that keep you living mindlessly in a reactive state. Drop the stories and find stillness in a world filled with noise and constant change. And most importantly, have fun!

The Meditation Roadmap

Not sure where to start or how to begin with meditation? Don't sweat it, I got your back! If you can breathe, you can meditate. Sign up to join the Stillness Game and get daily emails from me with reminders, mindfulness prompts and practical tips on getting started with meditation. It's a 30-day roadmap to making a meditation habit stick. You will also get access to the private Stillness Game community to connect with others playing the game for inspiration and support.

How To Play


Find a friend to play the game with—someone who also wants to create a habit of meditation over the next 30 days. The first day, each of you must do one minute of meditation. Two minutes on the second day, three on the third, and so on for 30 days. You can do any form of meditation you want or even just sit and breathe deeply in stillness. You don’t have to do the full meditation in one sitting, it can be broken up into smaller moments of stillness throughout the day as long as it adds up to the total amount by midnight each day. It starts off easy but will get challenging quickly further into the game.

Win The Game

You can choose to play it as a co-op and support each other as accountability partners. Or it can be a battle as you compete to see who keeps it going the longest. Stakes and prizes can be set for motivation and fun—winner gets dinner or tickets to the next cool show in town. If you both make it all month, you both win and can treat each other or you can run for the longest streak in the community.

Share Your Story

We would love to hear about your game—your wins and your failures, any creative hacks you use to support yourself and your partner, or any fun and inspiring stories you want to share.  Join the talk online and use #StillnessGame

Game Roadmap

  • 01

    Game Prep

    • Welcome

    • Navigating This Program

    • Game Rules

    • Finding A Partner

  • 02

    Part One: Saying Yes To Stillness

    • Day 1: A Mindful Pause

    • Day 2: Showing Up To What's Present

    • Day 3: The One You Feed

    • Day 4: It's All About The Attitude

    • Day 5: Mindfulness Of Breath

    • Day 6: Anchoring The Breath

    • Day 7: Deepening The Focus

  • 03

    Part Two: Widening The Gap

    • Day 8: Art Of Starting Over Well

    • Day 9: Widening The Gap

    • Day 10: Mindfulness of Body

    • Day 11: Letting Go of Add-Ons

    • Day 12: Walking Meditation

    • Day 13: Stillness in Simplicity

    • Day 14: Stress In The Body

  • 04

    Part Three: Dropping The Story

    • Phase Three - Dropping The Story

    • Day 15: The Three Brains

    • Day 16: Drop The Story

    • Day 17: Dealing with Emotions

    • Day 18: Art of Letting Go

    • Day 19: Let it RAIN

    • Day 20: Two Wings of a Bird

    • Day 21: The Default Mode

  • 05

    Part Four: Forging The Habit

    • Phase Four: Forging The Habit

    • Day 22: Keeping It Going

    • Day 23: Discipline Of Routines

    • Day 24: Mindful Eating

    • Day 25: Listen To Understand

    • Day 26: Going Deeper

    • Day 27: Sculpting vs Painting

  • 06

    Part Five: Opening The Heart

    • Phase Five: Opening Of The Heart

    • Day 28: Lovingkindness

    • Day 29: Self-Compassion

    • Day 30: Continuity Of Practice

  • 07


    • Thank You