Your Daily Meditation, Practiced Together

We get it. Meditation can be tough when you're doing it alone. Stillness Studio is much more than just guided meditations and a membership. It’s about being surrounded by a community of people who are all on a similar journey as you. Come practice and grow together with us in real time.

Class Description

Take A Live Class From Your Own Home

“Explore the core principles and science behind mindfulness. Learn practical and actionable ways to integrate mindfulness to your work to reduce stress, increase focus, and develop emotional resilience.”

Mondays & Thursdays at 8am PST

with Colin Pal

“Experience presence from the inside out in this immersive session of breathwork, guided meditation, and music. Breathwork awakens your senses and regulates your nervous system—releasing stress while boosting resilience and immunity. This will allow space for more self-love, clarity, and inner peace. For all levels, no experience required.”

Wednesdays at 6pm PST

Colin Pal

“Let’s cultivate breath awareness in this meditation and gentle yoga practice. Using Mindfulness Meditation as our foundation, we will be guided through a restorative yoga practice using cues from our breath and principles of mindfulness. Soothe the mind, ease the body, and fall into a deep guided relaxation. This class is open to all levels, prior yoga experience is not necessary. ”

Tuesdays at 530pm PST

Kristen Young

“Yoga Nidra is a technique used to allow our minds and bodies to sink into a total and complete relaxation. Often practiced before bed, and known as sleeping yoga, it restores the body and mind through a guided meditation that induces a mental, physical, and emotional release by calming the nervous system. Yoga Nidra is practiced in a supine position (lying down) and a guided meditation will lead you through a journey to body awareness, breath awareness and self-awareness. It is said that just 30mins of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 2-3 hours of sleep. ”

Thursdays at 630pm PST

Kristen Young

“Quick weekly grounding check-in to anchor in presence. Whether you are at work, home, or in motion - plug in for a quick guided practice to reset your focus, take a moment for yourself and mindfully bring your attention to the present. ”

Wednesdays at 11:00am PST

Olga Sizykh

“Let’s cultivate the space + time for us to practice the art of receiving. We are all-powerful creators of our lives, yet how many of us oscillate between the extremes of frantic action + freezing inertia. We will explore what it is to embrace + embody our feminine side for receiving while we balance out the perceived need to embody only our masculine side for action so that we thrive as purposeful + whole beings.”

Sundays at 8:30pm PST

Gena Knight

“Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions? Come and learn how to navigate the upsetting moments in our lives. This is a workshop-style class where we’ll learn a little, then participate in some hands-on activities to dive deeper into the world of feelings and gain some tools on what to do when you feel like you want to scream. ”

Last Saturdays of the month at 10am PST

Gena Knight

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